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Grindhouse Gang Presents - The Militia Of Emcees (2011)

Intérprete: Grindhouse Gang
Título: The Militia Of Emcees
Calidad: 256 Y 320 Kbps
Año: 2011

01-Enter The Militia-Dr.Ill - Feat Lord Lhus
02-Spittin Heavy-Mark Deez - Feat King Syze,Dr.Ill And Powder A.K.A. Casey Jones
03-War Zone-Mark Deez - Feat Kevlaar 7 Of The Wisemen,Powder A.K.A. Casey Jones And Dr.Ill
04-Beast Mode-Grindhouse Gang
05-Lyrical Combat-Grindhouse Gang - Feat Dirtbag Dan
06-The Showdown-Grindhouse Gang
07-Frauds-Powder A.K.A. Casey Jones - Feat Mark Deez,Words And Rhymes
08-That Shit-Grindhouse Gang
09-Peddlin Music-Grindhouse Gang - Feat Qualm Of Savage Brothers And Fatha Death
10-Cerebral Cathedral-Grindhouse Gang
11-A Day In The Life-Mark Deez - Feat Reef The Lost Cauze,Powder A.K.A. Casey Jones And Vibez
12-Timb Boot Hatred-Dr.Ill - Feat Qualm Of Savage Brothers And Lord Lhus
13-Crazy-Goin' Bananas-Grinshouse Gang
14-Beneath Red Skies-Dr Ill - Feat Venom Of Bloodline And Apacalypze Of Wyze Mindz
15-Next Level-GrIndhouse Gang - Feat Apacalypze Of Wyze Mindz And Qualm Of Savage Brothers
16-Militia Posse-Militia Of Emcees
17-Holographic Universe-Dr Ill - Feat Mark Deez,Beast1333,Lord Lhus And Atma
18-Ancient Wizardry-Grandhouse Gang
19-Lights Out-Grindhouse Gang - Feat Lord Lhus
20-Timb Boot Hatred-Powder Remix-Dr. Ill - Feat Qualm Of Savage Brothers And Lord Lhus
21-Too Late-Mark Deez - Feat Young B And Madieye Diop
22-Flowers On Your Grave-Power A.K.A. Casey Jones
23-Payasos-Powder Remix-Dr.Ill - Feat Avarice
24-Can I Get On-Dr.Ill - Feat Diggy And Petey Popoff
25-80 Bars Of Death-Fatha Death - Feat Lord Lhus
26-Article 90-Aksingin - Feat Vibez

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