martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Demonios Sekt - The 3rd Circle (2011)

Intérprete: Demonios Sekt
Título:  The 3rd Circle 
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 155,18 Mbs
Año: 2011

01-Death Clock - Feat Explicito,Jotaka,Dramah,Katha,Rob Rod And DJ Coach One-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
02-Koma - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
03-Attika Addicts - Feat Animal Cracker,Icabod Chang,Manorizm And Nomad-Prod By Dj Joon
04-Sektorz - Feat Katha,The Jotaka And Kachin-Prod By High Chief
05-Espiritu Beliko - Feat Zonah-Prod By Rhythmund Freud
06-Everday Hustle - Feat 1St Blood,The Jotaka And Topas-Prod By Dj Coach One
07-Buddah - Feat Scoti Styles And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
08-Army Of Wicked - Feat Dark Guerrilla Chato And The Jotaka-Prod By Mental Ambasador
09-Perversos Demonios - Feat The Jotaka,Life Scientist And Poetic Death-Prod By The Soul Beat Assessinator
10-A Silent Sorrow - Feat Versos-Prod By Illuzivshadow
11-Almas Cautivas - Feat Explicito And The Jotaka-Prod By High Chief
12-Sansür - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
13-Night Walkers - Feat Coach One,The Jotaka And D-Cap-Prod By Dj Coach One
14-Psycho Killas - Feat Noodles,The Jotaka,Tarantino,ShukranBogAllah And Killa Milla-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
15-Just Another Day In The Trenches - Feat BattleGeist-Prod By Illuzivshadow
16-The Flying Guillotine - Feat Mortal Kombo And The Jotaka-Prod By The Soul Beat Assassinator
17-Ambiance Electrique - Feat Koobilai,Life Scientist And DJ Coach One-Prod By Dj Joon
18-Penuria - Feat Dramah And Zonah-Prod By Rhythmound Freud
19-Alone In The Dark - Feat Katha And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
20-Samurai - Feat Marwa,Lysy And Dj Coach One-Prod By Mental Ambasador
21-Tales From The Dark Side - Feat The Jotaka,Katha,Torner And Rob Rod-Prod By Underconstruct

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Si-Klon - The Window To The Universe (2007)

Intérprete: Si-Klon
Título: The Window To The Universe 
Calidad: Varias
Peso: 95,41 Mbs
Año: 2007

01-Ideas Of Self-Intro - Feat Halo And Shadowlynx
02-50 Bar Assasination
03-Eye 4 An Eye - Feat Righteouz Knight
05-Tranzerified Meaning - Feat Atlantis Scrolls
06-Written On His Epitaph - Feat OGT
07-The 2 Supremes - Feat Shadowlynx
08-Evil Breeze
09-Stratejik Arsonal - Feat Righteouz Knight
10-Dead Have Risen - Feat El Profeta Melinus
11-Sinister Ignorance
12-Mystery Of Reality - Feat Letal Wizdom
13-How I Feel-Interlude
14-I Want To Be Free
15-I Who Have Nothing - Feat Shadowlynx And  - Feat Letal Wizdom
16-Threefold Prophecy - Feat Rpm The Brown Robe
17-Open Minded Dream - Feat Psalmist2 And Robin
18-Raw Material - Feat Apostrophe,Poetic Death And Ace Gauntlit
19-The Stars-Interlude
20-Galactic Enmity - Feat Psalmist2
21-Double Dash - Feat KOz
22-Unknown Identity - Feat Letal Wizdom
23-What Lays In Our Eyes  - Feat Righteouz Knight
24-Voice Of God
25-Infinite Mind

Si-Klon -The Dark Sun Ep (2009)

Intérprete: Si-Klon
Título: The Dark Sun Ep
Calidad: 128 Kbps
Peso: 28,1 Mbs
Año: 2009

01-Inner Voice-Intro
02-Mystic Revelation
03-Energy Of Rhythm - Feat Kaniero
04-Projected Slaughter - Feat Judgement
05-The Dark Sun Set
06-Pitch Red Eclipse - Feat Rasul Allah
07-Pleasant Retaliation
08-Endless Labyrinth - Feat Shadow

Si-Klon And Imperial Skillz Empera-Storm Of The Flying Serpent (2010)

Intérprete: Si-Klon And Imperial Skillz Empera
Título: Storm Of The Flying Serpent 
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 66,2 Mbs
Año: 2010

01-The Storm-Interlude
02-Breath Of Creation
03-Cydonia-Cuts By DJ Twisted
04-The Grand Context
06-Eternal Insight - Feat Jon Murdock-Cuts by DJ Twisted
07-Language Of The Cosmos
08-Xibalba - Feat Canibus-Revisited
09-Hall Of Existence-Interlude
10-The Falling Stars - Feat Oz Arc Raider And RyPa-Cuts By DJ Twisted
11-Codex Of Destiny - Feat Gamma
12-Magic Of The Mind

Si-Klon - From 05-08-Mixtape (2008)

Intérprete: Si-Klon
Título: From 05-08-Mixtape
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 97,04 Mbs
Año: 2008

01-Eye 4 An Eye
02-Cadatonic Fortress - Feat Lethal Wizdom And Righteouz Knight
03-Written On His Epitaph - Feat Poetic Death,Ace And Logic
04-Ancient Passage - Feat Redemption
05-Fallin' Avalanche
06-Evil In The Flesh - Feat Shadow
07-Theoretical Design - Feat Lethal Wizdom
08-Threefold Prophecy - Feat RpM
09-Insanities Finest - Feat Safardic,Shadow And Righteouz Knight
10-Open Minded Dream - Feat Ronin And Psalmist2
11-The Dark Sun
12-Raw Material - Feat Apostrophe,Poetic Death And Ace
13-The Struggle
14-Galactic Enmity - Feat Psalmist2
15-Crash Of Elements - Feat Kaniero
16-Restrain Of Dimensions - Feat Decipher
17-Words From The Hieroglyph - Feat Safardic
18-Self Annihilation

Si-Klon - Madness Of The Universe (2008)

Intérprete: Si-Klon
Título: Madness Of The Universe 
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 87,97 Mbs
Año: 2008

02-Madness Of The Universe
03-Voice Of Madness-Part1
04-Psychedelic Fidelity - Feat Illatron And Mega
05-Blood Bath Of Fear - Feat Righteouz Knight
06-Vloce Of Madness-Part 2
07-Fallin' Avalanche
08-Evil In The Flesh - Feat Shadow
09-Get Me Out!-Interlude
12-Shame - Feat Poetic Death
13-The Dark Sun
14-Voice Of Madness-Part 3
15-Pain And Death - Feat Lethal Wizdom
16-Treasure Of Idea
17-Life De La Vida
18-Mental Mortality
19-Voice Of Madness-Part4
20-Crash Of Elements - Feat Kaniero
21-Restrain Of Dimensions - Feat Decipher
23-Words From The Hieroglyph - Feat Safardic
24-Design Of Truth - Feat RpM
25-When I Die
26-Voice Of Madness-Part 5
27-Self Annihilation
28-Voice Of Madness-Outro

Si-Klon - Becoming One (2010)

Título: Si-Klon
Intérprete: Becoming One
Calidad: 128 Kbps
Peso: 47,23 Mbs
Año: 2010

02-Becoming One
03-Outer Space - Feat Poetic Death
05-The Blind Eye - Feat RpM
07-Reflected Sadness
08-Immortality - Feat Safardic
09-Map Of The Sky-Cuts By Dj Twisted
10-Who I Am - Feat Meganomix And Divine Action
11-Psycho Sanity - Feat Safardic And Grone
12-Self Renovation-Interlude
13-Travel To Antiquity
14-Meditative Technique - Feat Diesis-I
15-Tunnels Of Sickness - Feat Frantik And Gamma
16-The Grey Skies - Feat Kaniero

domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Mic Daily & Ganjak - Enhanced Mechanics (2011)

Intérprete: Mic Daily & Ganjak 
Título: Enhanced Mechanics
Calidad: 218 Kbps
Peso: 71,32 Mbs
Año: 2011

02-Enhanced Mechanics
03-Natural Selection
04-Mic Tahoma
05-Re-Killin' It
06-In My Hands
07-Asylum Mechanics - Feat Matt Maddox
08-The Mutants
09-Served With A Purpose - Feat Reef The Lost Cauze
10-Settin' Bas
11-Dyin For Bloodshed
12-Daily Revenge
13-Dilated Psyche
14-The Infiltration - Feat Big John
15-Comin' To Aemerica
16-Tacoma Supercats - Feat King Jew,Codecracker
17-Issues Addressed
18-Beyond Repair
19-Enhanced Producin'-Instrolude
20-Sounds Of Victory - Feat Esoteric
23-Microphone Jordan

La Melodia - Electronic Love (2010)

Intérprete: La Melodia
Título: Electronic Love
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 62,08 Mbs
Año: 2010

01-Electronic Love
02-Come And Get It
03-Give It Up
04-Friend Of Life
05-Feels So Good
06-Sounds Of The City
07-Love Game

The Lost Children Of Babylon Present The Lost Tapes (2009)

Intérprete: The Lost Children Of Babylon
Título: The Lost Tapes
Calidad: Varias
Peso: 98,34 Mbs
Año: 2009

01-Zeitgeist Interlude-Rasul Allah And Cosmic Crusader
02-Serve Justice-Killah Priest,Rasul Allah And Richard Raw
03-Pitch Red Eclipse-Si Klon And Raul Allah
04-The Ancient Ones-Decipher,Ra El And Canibus
05-The Eternal-The Lost Children Of Babylon
06-All Seeying Eye-Cosmic Crusader
07-Humanoids-2B,Vice Versa And Rasul Allah
08-Philosophers Stone Age-The Lost Children Of Babylon
09-Chuang Tzu-The Lost Children Of Babylon
10-Dream Spiral-The Lost Children Of Babylon
11-War Of The Godz-Rasul Allah,Atma And Vega X
12-The Rubix Cube-The Lost Children Of Babylon
13-The Scroll Of Lost Tales-Richard Raw,Cosmic Crusader And Rasul Allah
14-Falling From Hands Of Gods-White Lotus And Cosmic Crusader
15-G-Ciples-Remix-Rasul Allah And Killah Priest
16-President Evil-Remix-Rasul Allah,Cosmic Crusader And Richard Raw
17-Serve Justice-Remix-Killah Priest,Rasull Allah And Richard Law

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Les Freres Sy Presentent - V.A.- Coup D'etat Cd 2 (2009)

Intérprete: Les Freres Sy
Título:  V.A.- Coup D'etat Cd 2
Calidad: 320 Kbps
 Peso: Parte 1: 251,12 Mbs
Parte 2: 260,67 Mbs
 Parte 3: 155,91 Mbs
Año: 2009

01-Dasso(16 Click)-Le Quartier Des Mals Aimes
02-400 Hyenes Et Beli Blanco-Hors Norme
03-Adn Bensone Dezo Et Douma-Warriors
04-Al Quaidar(Aqr)-Coup Detat
05-Alpha Ayko Neoklash Sambastos Iron Sy Et Yeliz-La Loi
06-Arsenal 13 Et Black Marche-Sans Pitie
07-Artificiers-Toujours Pret
08-Assoc2 Malfrat-Fais Le Bon Choix
09-B.I.S Prod(815 Drissy Bedi)-Represente
10-Balastik Dog Les Freres Sy Et Brex-Les Mecs Des Blocks
11-C4ex Coroner Shone Et Iron Sy-Caractere De Fauve
12-Xlass X Moubaraka Kfn Et Skiz-Jkiff
13-Dam16 Et General Isma-Rafale De Balle
14-Daouf Et Nozey(Dj Slim Tous 76Carat)-Etat Dame
15-Dgc Click(Mysa Taro 06 Et Juicy P)-Gun Shot
16-Doyen Og Et Les Freres Sy-Reyyy
17-Farage Et Serval-Le Manque De Tunes
18-Futur Proche Et Exs(Nysay)-Rien Nest Simple
19-Gangsta Shit Et Les Freres Sy-Du Son Dcaille
20-Gre Et Les Freres Sy-Dis Moi
21-H.I.L Hendrix Et Douma-On Fait Rien Sans Rien
22-Homicide Volontaire-Jaccuse
23-I2sa Et S.A.M.I.R-La Nouvelle Vague
24-Illicite Team Et Les Grumos-Black Boyz
25-Jeke Dibondi Et Bwoyrudy-Attentat
26-Jerry Dafonkilla Grappler Sidi Medhi Et Iron Sy-Sous Controle
27-Kasconception-Letat Est Coupable
28-Kdf Gang-Prise De Confiance
29-La Comera-C.O.M.E.R.A
30-La Polemic-Ramasser Les Douilles
31-Le Konflit Et Parano-Entre Deux Guerres
32-M.A.M Iron Sy Et Doberman(B.K)-Babylone
33-Malez Et Shenoz(Rhetorik)-Du 9.4 Au 9.4
34-Morovach(M.A.V) Et Les Freres Sy-Reglement De Compte
35-Morsay Zehef Et Krimeur-Coup Detat
36-Murder Iron Sy Nino Black Et Bona-Le Cash Dans Lesprit
37-Rafale 2 Plombs-Cest Le Guerre
38-Rapeur D1stinct-On Appartient
39-Rapide Troupe Et Cromicid-Vendetta
41-S.A.M.I.R Et Ashka-Attention
42-Samir Parano Et Douma-Fuck
43-Sang 9(Inago Et Keydou)-Comme
44-Seize Et Parazit-Cause Et Consequence
45-Serkl Krel(La Spirale)-Hemoragie
46-Shainez Et 23 Ambiances-Coup De Pression
48-Union Hp Et Iron Sy-Senegalais En France
49-V2m Crew Et Les Freres Sy-Brut
50-Vf Gang-Coup Detat
51-Winner Mac Mc Et Lekfoo-Rebeu Renoi Babtou
52-Agent U U-Gwa
53-Badia-Crois Moi
54-Black Barbie-Cest Ma Life
55-Blaze-Tu Provoques La Mort
57-Cyrus Le Virus-Wesh Les Freres
58-Dawa O Mic-A Portee De Main
59-Demi Portion-Chacun Sa Vie
60-Doberman-Blackillah-Ne Pour Mourrir
61-Fyenso Jumo Msk-Orly 9.4
62-G-Rykan Et Fayna-Loeil Du Summ
63-Homiesyd-Bad Boy
64-Kaisha-Dans Ma Crypte
65-Karmy-Je Veux
66-Kiddam-La Grande Menace
67-Lahcen Lupin-L Abecedaire
68-Le F-Comme Un Soldat
69-Liberty-Marche De Militaire
70-Mao2s Et Sixcoupmc-Rendez Moi Mon Micro
71-Munoz-Le Chant Du Ghetto
72-Murder-Au Plus Profond
73-Nehass K-Rien Na Change
74-Phelbs-Chant De Ruine
75-Rekta Et Iron Sy-On Donne Ca
76-Rg Blackillah-Anarchie Totale
77-Rma2n Bsmusic-Gz Up
78-Sn2ek-Mr Lagent
79-Teanloseille,Ketokrim And Mathieuruben-Determines
80-Tota-Juste Une Etape
81-Toxik-Entre Lenfer Et Le Paradis
82-Wanderlei Silver-Cest La Guerre

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Último Aviso - Tiempo Muerto (2011)

Intérprete: Último Aviso
Título: Tiempo Muerto
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 182,52 Mbs
Año: 2011

02-Don´t Stop
03-Desnúdate - Con Trafik Y Bajo Mínimos
04-Repartiendo Ostias
05-Lo Único Bueno
06-Nº De Serie
07-Dímelo A Mí - Con Demonio-Dogma Crew
08-Se Trata De
09-Interludio-Whisky Bar
10-Whisky Bar
11-Desde El Barrio - Con Barrabás-H Mafia
12-Te Lo Dije
13-No Voy A Cambiar
14-Just Talking - Con Magnificent Ruffians
15-Shut Up
16-Mi Música - Con Xoko Suizo Y Almudena

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Dope D.O.D. - A New Dawn & My Time Comes (Single 2011)

01- Dope D.O.D. - A New Dawn&My Time Comes (Prod. Enky Benger & Mike Rockmore)

The Lost Children Of Babylon Presents : Jon Murdock - Dark City Cd 1 (2010)

Intérprete: Jon Murdock
Título: Dark City
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 143,74 Mbs
Año: 2010

01-Dark City-Intro
02-Myslayic - Feat Lex Starwind
03-Death Angel - Feat Scientific
04-Realism-Well Protected - Feat L
05-Behind The Eyes - Feat Scientific
06-Hardly Safe-Intro
07-Hardly Safe - Feat Lex Starwind
09-Long Ago - Feat Scientific
11-Nirvana Freestyle
12-Rap City - Feat Scientific
13-Brian Sabo Interlude
14-The Interview - Feat Lex Starwind
16-Love Me Or Hate Me - Feat Scienti
17-Tales From The Darkside - Feat Le
18-Sun Set In The East
20-Murdockulous - Feat Lex Starwind
21-Sleep Now Outro

Dope D.O.D. - Double Jeopardy

Perteneciente al disco Fountain Of Death (2008)

The Lost Children Of Babylon Present : Hitfarmers - Conquering The Throne (2010)

Intérprete: Hitfarmers
Título: Conquering The Throne  
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 162,69 Mbs
Año: 2010

01-Prelude To A Sequel - Feat Rasul And Chinch 33
02-The Tables Turn - Feat Adlib, Kasper, W.A.R.P.A.T.H.
03-Joining Forces - Feat Creative Juice Allstars
04-Game Time - Feat Underclassmen
05-International Selection - Feat Emskee
06-Chapter 1-Skit
07-One Shot - Feat EQ,Juggnaut And Sick Since
08-My Word - Feat Block McCloud
09-This Is Hip Hop - Feat Ciph Barker
10-U Don't Know Me - Feat Mr.Malchau
11-Once Again - Feat Mesidge
12-Classic Hits - Feat Randam Luck
13-Quiet Storm - Feat Braille
14-By Any Means - Feat J-Spliff
15-Storming The Castle - Feat Nervous Wreck And Blak Philly
16-Chapter 2-Skit
17-Hustlers Wish - Feat Mar'z And Big Left
18-Motivate - Feat Brown Bag Allstar
19-Sound Of Invasion - Feat Contribution X
20-Doap Sick - Feat Doap Nixon And Sick Six
21-Pitch Black - Feat W.A.R.P.A.T.H.