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The Lost Children Of Babylon Present The Lost Tapes (2009)

Intérprete: The Lost Children Of Babylon
Título: The Lost Tapes
Calidad: Varias
Peso: 98,34 Mbs
Año: 2009

01-Zeitgeist Interlude-Rasul Allah And Cosmic Crusader
02-Serve Justice-Killah Priest,Rasul Allah And Richard Raw
03-Pitch Red Eclipse-Si Klon And Raul Allah
04-The Ancient Ones-Decipher,Ra El And Canibus
05-The Eternal-The Lost Children Of Babylon
06-All Seeying Eye-Cosmic Crusader
07-Humanoids-2B,Vice Versa And Rasul Allah
08-Philosophers Stone Age-The Lost Children Of Babylon
09-Chuang Tzu-The Lost Children Of Babylon
10-Dream Spiral-The Lost Children Of Babylon
11-War Of The Godz-Rasul Allah,Atma And Vega X
12-The Rubix Cube-The Lost Children Of Babylon
13-The Scroll Of Lost Tales-Richard Raw,Cosmic Crusader And Rasul Allah
14-Falling From Hands Of Gods-White Lotus And Cosmic Crusader
15-G-Ciples-Remix-Rasul Allah And Killah Priest
16-President Evil-Remix-Rasul Allah,Cosmic Crusader And Richard Raw
17-Serve Justice-Remix-Killah Priest,Rasull Allah And Richard Law

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