lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Si-Klon - Madness Of The Universe (2008)

Intérprete: Si-Klon
Título: Madness Of The Universe 
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 87,97 Mbs
Año: 2008

02-Madness Of The Universe
03-Voice Of Madness-Part1
04-Psychedelic Fidelity - Feat Illatron And Mega
05-Blood Bath Of Fear - Feat Righteouz Knight
06-Vloce Of Madness-Part 2
07-Fallin' Avalanche
08-Evil In The Flesh - Feat Shadow
09-Get Me Out!-Interlude
12-Shame - Feat Poetic Death
13-The Dark Sun
14-Voice Of Madness-Part 3
15-Pain And Death - Feat Lethal Wizdom
16-Treasure Of Idea
17-Life De La Vida
18-Mental Mortality
19-Voice Of Madness-Part4
20-Crash Of Elements - Feat Kaniero
21-Restrain Of Dimensions - Feat Decipher
23-Words From The Hieroglyph - Feat Safardic
24-Design Of Truth - Feat RpM
25-When I Die
26-Voice Of Madness-Part 5
27-Self Annihilation
28-Voice Of Madness-Outro

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