martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Demonios Sekt - The 3rd Circle (2011)

Intérprete: Demonios Sekt
Título:  The 3rd Circle 
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Peso: 155,18 Mbs
Año: 2011

01-Death Clock - Feat Explicito,Jotaka,Dramah,Katha,Rob Rod And DJ Coach One-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
02-Koma - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
03-Attika Addicts - Feat Animal Cracker,Icabod Chang,Manorizm And Nomad-Prod By Dj Joon
04-Sektorz - Feat Katha,The Jotaka And Kachin-Prod By High Chief
05-Espiritu Beliko - Feat Zonah-Prod By Rhythmund Freud
06-Everday Hustle - Feat 1St Blood,The Jotaka And Topas-Prod By Dj Coach One
07-Buddah - Feat Scoti Styles And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
08-Army Of Wicked - Feat Dark Guerrilla Chato And The Jotaka-Prod By Mental Ambasador
09-Perversos Demonios - Feat The Jotaka,Life Scientist And Poetic Death-Prod By The Soul Beat Assessinator
10-A Silent Sorrow - Feat Versos-Prod By Illuzivshadow
11-Almas Cautivas - Feat Explicito And The Jotaka-Prod By High Chief
12-Sansür - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
13-Night Walkers - Feat Coach One,The Jotaka And D-Cap-Prod By Dj Coach One
14-Psycho Killas - Feat Noodles,The Jotaka,Tarantino,ShukranBogAllah And Killa Milla-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
15-Just Another Day In The Trenches - Feat BattleGeist-Prod By Illuzivshadow
16-The Flying Guillotine - Feat Mortal Kombo And The Jotaka-Prod By The Soul Beat Assassinator
17-Ambiance Electrique - Feat Koobilai,Life Scientist And DJ Coach One-Prod By Dj Joon
18-Penuria - Feat Dramah And Zonah-Prod By Rhythmound Freud
19-Alone In The Dark - Feat Katha And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
20-Samurai - Feat Marwa,Lysy And Dj Coach One-Prod By Mental Ambasador
21-Tales From The Dark Side - Feat The Jotaka,Katha,Torner And Rob Rod-Prod By Underconstruct

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