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Dyad Souls - Speak Ov The Devil Cd 1 (2008)

Intérprete: Dyad Souls
Título: Speak Ov The Devil Cd 1
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 53,59 Mbs
Año: 2009

01-The First Act Ov Murder-Intro
02-Speak Ov The Devil
04-Morbid Mutilations
05-Days Ov Our Knives - Feat Trips and Shaman
06-Fatal Sadistic-Baby Butcher Remix
07-Suicide-Do It Die
08-The Awful Truth-Skit
09-Pulse Pounding
10-Insults 2 Injury - Feat Rees
11-Murder The Track
12-Midnight Mass Massacre - Feat Trips
13-The Tragic Tale Ov
14-Laughing At The Lifeless
15-Bars Ov Brutality
17-Crazy - Feat Stiks,Nutkaze and Mistezo
18-In The Night-Diary Ov An Argentophile
20-Forever Underground
21-Lords Ov Gore - Feat Scum And Jason Porteravi
22-No Rest For The Wicked

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