miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

The Lost Children Of Babylon - The Tower Of Babel (2010)

Intérprete: The Lost Children Of Babylon 
Título: The Tower Of Babel 
Calidad: 160 Kbps
Peso: 249,62 Mbs
Año: 2010 

02-4 Corners
03-Jihad Rap
04-Never Die-Remix
05-Shang Tzu
06-Slow Night Brings Fire - Feat Fdation
07-Skit 1
08-Untitled Exclusive - Feat  Fdation And Slaine
09-Othello - Feat Fdation
10-Mystics - Feat Fdation
11-Rise Of The Machines
12-The Interview - Feat Fdation
13-Caution - Feat Fdation
14-The Lions Den - Feat Fdation
15-Skit 2
16-I Can Hear You - Feat Fdation
17-Vampire Love - Feat Fdation
18-Skit 3
19-Wastelands - Feat Fdation
20-Where I Am
21-Skit 4
22-Pathways - Feat Cjus
23-Dear Father

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