viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Dyad Souls - Speak Ov The Devil Cd 2 (2008)

Intérprete: Dyad Souls
Título: Speak Ov The Devil Cd 2
Calidad: 192 Kbps
Peso: 58,36 Mbs
Año: 2008

01-No Cash-Skit
02-Fuck Off And Die - Feat Jason Porter
03-Everybodies Dead
04-Code Blue - Feat JNyce-Ov Psych Ward
05-Pissing On The Passed On
07-You Go Die Now
08-Choose Death - Feat Mr.Hyde
09-Sin City
10-Blood Bath
11-Dark Wolf Creek
13-The Reason-H8rd Solo Track
15-Kalashnikov 47 - Feat Scum
16-Carousel Ov Misery
17-Heavy Artillery - Feat Shaman And G-Had
18-Dr. Phil-Taking Control Skit
19-Valley Ov The Maggots - Feat KidCrusher
20-Butcher That Poofter
21-Gore Hound
22-Fallen From Grace

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