domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Rypa - Sin Eater (2011)

Intérprete: Rypa
Título:Sin Eater
Formato: Mp3
Calidad:192 Kbps
Peso: 92 Mb


1-Ruler Of The Realm feat. Russya
2-Razor Spheres feat. Si-klon
3-Snough Monkey

4-He Behind the Aftermath (Sinterlude)
5-Return Of The Exorcist
6-The Banishment Rebellion feat. Azrael The Silent Angel
8-ElectryChair Ferris Wheel Feat. Dark
9-Absolution (Sinterlude)
10-Exyt Bag
11-The Exorcisims AfterMath feat. Souljah Priests
12-The Neat Monster
13-There's Trouble in the Air feat pHil and Si-Klon
14-Camp Concentration feat. Oz Arc Raider, General X, and Alpha Sigma
15-The Dust (Sinterlude)
16-ByBle Paper 122
17-The Unforgiven Ones feat. Azrael The Silent Angel
18-Nothing (Exodus)

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